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Ben's List of Useful Mac OS 9 Keyboard Tricks

Here are some keyboard commands that are widely useful. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me at ben@nobleswan.com and I'll consider adding them (I want to restrict this to just "the most useful" commands).

The Command key, listed here as "Cmd", is located on both sides of the space bar. The other "modifier" keys: Option, Control, and Shift, are located beside the Command key.

The Power key is in the upper right corner of the keyboard and has a left-pointing triangle on it. On older keyboards it may be in the top centre of the keyboard.

During Startup

After Startup

Finder Windows

(These shortcuts also work in other applications such as the Anarchie ftp client.)


Screen Captures

Last modified October 15th, 1999. Please send any comments on this page to ben@nobleswan.com.